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Corporate Profile

Conformis is a medical technology company that uses its proprietary iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform to develop, manufacture and sell joint replacement implants that are individually sized and shaped, or customized, to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. Conformis offers a broad line of customized knee implants designed to restore the natural shape of a patient’s knee. In recent clinical studies, iTotal® CR, Conformis’ cruciate-retaining total knee replacement implant and best-selling product, demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction compared to traditional, off-the-shelf implants. Conformis owns or exclusively in-licenses approximately 500 issued patents and pending patent applications that cover customized implants and patient-specific instrumentation for all major joints and other elements of the iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform. Conformis believes its iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform has application to other major joints in the worldwide market for joint replacement products. For more information visit